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If you are invested in improving and protecting your oral health, we encourage you to pair regular dental visits with your at-home dental care. There are times, though, that you can develop dental problems despite your best efforts. If you match any of the following criteria that it’s time to see the dentist, we invite you to schedule an appointment today:

– Bleeding gums: Many people assume that bleeding gums are a normal part of brushing or flossing their teeth, but it can actually be a common sign of gum disease or another periodontal problem. Without treatment, you could risk losing a tooth or areas of your jawbone.

– Tooth sensitivity: Tooth pain when your teeth come in contact with heat or cold is a common symptom of tooth decay, a buildup of plaque, or a corrupted dental filling. Speak with the dentist to receive treatment and find relief from tooth sensitivity.

– Pregnancy: We encourage you to schedule regular visits with the dentist during pregnancy to protect your gums, which may be more vulnerable to inflammation, caused by plaque and could result in gum disease. The link between gum disease and pregnancy issues could result in low birth weight and other unwanted outcomes. For this reason, we urge you to follow any care instructions provided by Dr. Kevin Solis.           

Solis Dental Group encourage our patients to regularly visit our dentist in Moline, Illinois, to protect their dental health and improve their lives by treating dental pain.