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Your gums are one of the most important features of your smile. They support your teeth, protect the bone material in the mouth, and work hard every day to fight bacteria. To supplement your daily brushing and flossing routine for healthy gums, you can also eat the foods that help them thrive. Let’s take a look at what you can include in your weekly diet to make sure your gums keep supporting your teeth.

Leafy greens aren’t just for your body, they provide healthy vitamins and minerals that your gums love. Kale and spinach are top contenders, as well as providing vitamin C to boost red blood cell production and lower inflammation. Chewing leafy greens also stimulates saliva which flushes out food particles, bacteria, and plaque. You can use them in salads, cooked side dishes and include them in soups and sandwiches.

Dairy is high in calcium which is great for your gums. This is because of a protein called casein which neutralizes acids in the mouth produced by oral bacteria. These acids can destroy gum tissue and lead to irritation and inflammation. Consume cheese, milk, and yogurt daily for nutrient-rich sources of casein.

As mentioned earlier, vitamin C is essential for healthy gums. Eating peppers (of all colors) and citrus fruits like oranges, kiwis, pineapple, and strawberries will give you this anti-inflammatory vitamin. You can eat them fresh, put them in smoothies, and add them to yogurt or salads.

Fresh vegetables and fruit like apples, celery, and carrots, and apples are crunchy, so they are good at removing oral debris and plaque from teeth and gums. Because they loosen this debris they can even keep your mouth fresher in between brushing times. Also high in fiber, these foods take longer to chew which produces more saliva. and generate more saliva, which flushes bacteria near the gumline. Eating more of these foods will help your gums thrive!

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