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Do you want to align your teeth to achieve a better smile but you’re not sure you want to go through the trouble? If so, our Solis Dental Group team would like to encourage you to consider orthodontic treatment because it can benefit you in more ways than you might realize! In fact, there are many advantages when straightening your teeth with orthodontics.

First, the treatment successfully aligns your chompers and corrects your bite. This is extremely beneficial because having an aligned jaw and straight teeth can help you properly chew food as well as talk and eat.

Second, having an aligned smile can also advance your oral health. If your teeth are straight, it’s easier to clean them. If your teeth are crooked, there are spaces in your smile that can trap plaque and bacteria. If these substances aren’t washed away regularly, there is a chance you could suffer cavities and periodontal disease.

Third, having a straight smile can boost your self-confidence. If your teeth are straight, there is a chance you will no longer feel embarrassed by your appearance! This is one of the best benefits of orthodontic treatment because it can give you the smile you’ve always dreamed of.

Are you interested in aligning your smile with orthodontic treatment in Moline, Illinois? If so, don’t be afraid to call our office at 309-764-4944 and schedule an appointment. We offer both ClearCorrect and Invisalign for our patients seeking straighter smiles.

The sooner you meet with one of our experienced dentists, Dr. Kevin Solis and Dr. John Solis, the sooner you’ll begin the journey toward your perfect smile. We look forward to helping you!