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If you don’t consider yourself to be an expert or even a novice on your child’s dental health, you aren’t alone. Children’s smile change constantly as they undergo a wide variety of developments over the years. However, bringing your child to see a dentist allows them to be seen and treated by someone who understands these changes. Dentists possess the training to understand your child’s dental health and prevent oral health problems.

Pediatric dentistry is the care of children’s oral cavities, and it requires dentists to undergo additional years of education and training in child oral health in order to specialize in this branch of dentistry. Having your child’s smile examined and treated by a pediatric dentist is vital to the development of positive oral health habits that will benefit your child for years to come.

Dr. Kevin Solis’s extensive pediatric training enables him and our team to provide many important treatments specifically catered to your child’s unique needs. We strive to help your child maintain their oral health so they can enjoy a strong and beautiful smile into their adult years.

If you have questions regarding pediatric dentistry or would like to bring your child to a dentist in Moline, Illinois, we invite you to contact Solis Dental Group at 309-764-4944 and speak with Dr. Kevin Solis.